Virtual: You don’t have an extra cubicle? No problem. Working remotely does not mean working separately. We keep the communication flowing freely throughout the duration of your project. We are easily reachable, and easy to talk to.

Trained: Our strengths are the answer to your weaknesses, gaps and overflows. Although we’re fast learners, we don’t accept work in areas we’re not familiar with. We won’t make it up as we go along.

Local: Are you in New York? San Francisco? New Orleans? Chicago? Great! We’re virtually neighbors!

Diverse: Jack of all trades? Close! We know a lot of things about a lot of things! If you’re not sure if we can help you, just ask.

Organized: Your projects are carefully tracked, stored, and transferred. It’s in everyone’s best interest to operate in an organized manner.

Available: Simple— When you need us, we’re there; when you don’t…we’re not! (Plus, we don’t take up your office space, run up your benefits bills, or play on the internet when things are slow!)

Professional: Confidentiality, honesty, and accountability are three of the many values that we take very seriously.

Resourceful: Not to brag, but we have a lot of friends. If we can’t help you, we’ll try to recommend someone who can.

Priced: Yes, you have to pay us, but it’s a lot less than an annual salary, benefits package, and on-site occupancy would cost! Our prices are dependent upon the type and depth of your project, and your timeline. We will always evaluate and estimate a project before beginning.