Kelly Perotti

With experience as a Project Manager both in the office and home, Kelly knows the level of dedication and time management that is necessary to get the job done—and has those skills!

Master proofreader by education, experience, and nature itself, Kelly excels in perfecting the spelling, grammar, consistency, and overall presentation of your work.

Her firsthand knowledge as a writer and author has provided insight into, and familiarity with, the intricacies of the publishing world. With so many nuances, preferences, and recent advances in technology, this direct experience is invaluable.

With extensive experience in general office work and administrative tasks, Kelly is more than qualified to fill in the missing piece of your business. She is meticulously detailed and organized, meeting every deadline with perfect delivery, yet understands the flexibility that is necessary for smooth operation.

Kelly considers multitasking to be a way of life, not just a practiced skill! However, she recognizes the need to dedicate full attention and concentration to each project. Ultimately, she knows what you need— help delivering a virtually perfect project!